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Never Use Toilet Paper Wipe your Mouth

  More often than not many people tend to have toilet paper very close to them just in case a spill happens or one needs it while using the bathroom. Tissue is regarded a hygienic must have for many people who can’t stand handling dirt with their naked hands. One of the areas on the body that many are fond of wiping using tissue is the mouth. This can be after eating or taking a drink and some remains are left behind. The most common reaction for many is to get a piece of tissue to wipe off the mess that has been created. This is done without giving the action a lot of thought.
Use of toilet paper for mouth wiping is highly advised against due to its abrasive and dry nature. One is bound to get skin irritation quite easily without their knowledge. They can easily cause and increase skin infections in the areas adjacent to the mouth. The probability of leaving behind any germs that might cause infections is too high. One might just end up spreading germs instead of cleaning and sanitizing the area. Toilet paper doesn’t clean efficiently. It is only good for cleansing on the surface but it leaves behind a lot of microorganisms that are unseen to the human eye.
The mouth is one of the most sensitive body parts since it receives food and beverages and it can let in a lot of bacteria. It doesn’t require any abrasion since this can result into visible rashes or sores which attract even more bacteria. One is advised to use water and soap if possible at all times for cleansing. Water and more so that which is warm gets rid of germs in a reliable manner and it has no side effects whatsoever. Cold or warm water can be used for mouth cleaning. Wet wipes are also more hygienic due to the element of moisture. They are more effective and can get rid of more germs.
Using dry tissue is very uncomfortable and it only helps to move bacteria around mouth areas. It doesn’t kill them and overtime one can develop a stubborn infection. Some of them are either perfumed or bleached to help bring that lovely light color that many of them have. Those components are chemicals and they can cause a lot of harm when used around the mouth especially if there is an infection already or there is a crack that has been left unattended. It isn’t the most hygienic thing to use. It is also quite expensive as compared to water.
Water is very readily available and it does not affect the body in any way. It is kind to the mouth and it moisturizes. One has surety of killing germs and staying clean for longer. Toilet paper has been spoken about time and time again as a less effective method of maintaining cleanliness and especially for the mouth. There are less harmful methods to clean the mouth that are safer, twice as effective and are highly recommended.

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