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Founded in 2007, VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD. is a high quality employer brand within the global paper industry. Located in Zhongtang town in Guangdong province, one of China’s key towns manufacturing paper products, the company lies to the south of Guangzhou and on the north of Shenzhen. Adjacent to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway as well as the No. 107 national road, the company has formed an all-destination transportation network with Yantian Port, Shekou Port and many other world-famous ports. Advantageous geographical location and well-developed economic environment provide an extraordinarily favorable and superior condition for the company’s sustainable development. Holding more than 80 employees at present and covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the company is a large manufacturer engaged in both the manufacture and the sales of household paper. The products we provide mainly include hand towel paper, toilet paper, napkin paper and other commonly used paper. Various series of single items are also gradually developed through R&D. For instance, our hand towel paper currently available on the market includes around 10 categories, such as such as multifold paper towels, single fold paper towels, c fold paper towels,paper towel roll,center pull paper towels,etc. Our business covers the entire world, and our products have enjoyed a great popularity in many countries and regions, such as the United States, Australia, Africa, Pakistan, Canada, etc. Approximately 1,000 to 1,500 tons of base paper is exported monthly. Relying on abundant resources, geographical advantages and excelsior product quality, our paper has gradually grown to be a well-known brand of household paper for foreign trade.


In answer to the strategic concept of global ecological construction, 90% of our exported paper is the regenerated paper made from reclaimed paper pulp in accordance with the philosophy of green development and low-carbon economy. Reclaimed paper pulp is made from waste paper through smashing, discoloring, pulping and various other complex processes. One ton of recycled waste paper could generate 0.8 ton of regenerated paper, thereby saving around 4m³ of woods. It is equivalent to protecting 17 trees and reducing 35% water pollution, thus making great contributions to protecting the planet and achieving the sustainable development of mankind.


Various models of first-class production equipment were introduced from foreign countries. In our workshop, around 60 sets of manufacturing equipment are working to produce a diverse variety of goods to meet your demands. Vision Paper Towel is committed to enhancing its brand strength, attracting specialized talents to set up a special R&D laboratory, constantly expanding the categories of products and improving product quality to meet different people’s various needs of paper. Currently, our company and our products are highly praised in foreign markets. Furthermore, after years of operation and development, we’ve established a long-term strategic partnership with some local high-quality raw material suppliers, so both our raw materials and the delivery date are stable and guaranteed. Excellent quality as well as the business principle of good faith has won us the favor of many customers both at home and from abroad.


Our company will adhere to the “caring” business principle of enhancing the value of our customers. Sincerely, we’re looking forward to working together with you to jointly develop a first-class brand market for paper industry and to achieve a win-win situation.