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Jumbo toilet paper, virgin white,16gsm, 2Ply,3.74”×785g/roll

Product Details

Type:   Jumbo toilet paper
Material: virgin 
Color:  white
Ply:  2
gsm:  14
Core Dia:  3"
Roll Dia:  9.05"
Towel Width:  3.74"
Sheets per roll:  no sheet
Sheet Size:
Weight/Roll:  785g
Embossed pattern:  No
Rolls per case:  12
Brand:  OEM
Model:  155852


This is a virgin jumbo toilet paper,it is made mainly from virgin pulp paper, it touches smooth and soft. In addition to strong hydroscopicity and high toughness, it also has good water solubility to avoid clogging the toilet. Moreover, it is pure and healthy to use without any spices. A jumbo toilet paper is equivalent to 4 to 7 small toilet papers, which could decrease the frequency of replacement due to the shortage of toilet paper. Jumbo toilet paper is applicable to public toilets with a large flow of people.

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