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Center pull paper towels virgin white,40gsm, 1Ply,7.87″×920Sheets

Product Details

Type: center pull paper towels

Material: virgin

Color: white

Ply: 1

gsm: 40

Core Dia: 2.0"

Roll Dia: 7.87"

Towel Width: 7.87"

Sheets per roll: 920

Sheet Size: 7.87"×7.87"

Embossed pattern: yes

Rolls per case: 6

Brand: OEM

Mode: 369994

img_5154img_5155 img_5157 img_5158 img_5159 img_5160 img_5161img_5162img_5163


    This is a 100% virgin center pull paper towels,It is processed by taking wet strength


    virgin paper as its main raw material.100% virgin pulp,Virgin pulp adopts a large


    amount of long fibers. Combined with the wet strength formulation, it is not easily


    breakable. Moreover, no bits of paper would be left after using. Without any spices


    it is pure and healthy to use.Strong and absorbent for efficient hand-drying.


    Virgin center pull paper towels is the senior commercial paper towel roll applicable


    to senior clubs, star hotels, guesthouses, cafes and other top grade places.

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