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Traditional Paper hand towels are manufactured by processing body paper produced with fourdriniers. Body paper produced with fourdriniers have high basis weights. Generally speaking, it features high thickness (usually 38~45gsm), high stiffness, strong tensile force and feels a little bit stiff since it can absorb adequate wet strength agents. To solve this problem, we developed “Air Paper Towels”, namely bonding two pieces of paper with vegetable protein glue. Since the basis weight of each layer of paper is 16 or 19gsm, the final basis weight is 32 or 38gsm. Such low-basis-weight paper are all manufactured by cylinder machines and used as tissue or toilet paper. In fact, our napkins are also using this kind of body paper which feels soft and shows low wet strength. Now the combination of two piece of paper overcomes low-basis-weight paper’s disadvantages such as low thickness, poor tensile force and vulnerability to damages. Air Paper Towels feature high absorbency, beautiful looks and soft feelings, which makes it suitable for use in high-end clubs and color-ultrasonic departments of hospitals.