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What Do Paper Towels Do In Our Daily Life?


    A paper towel, as the name suggests, is a textile that is made from paper instead of cloth. They are absorbent and are meant for one-time use only.


    Paper towels have similar uses as cloth towels, such as, wiping hands, dusting, and small household cleaning purposes.


    Paper towels are used on the domestic fronts. Here are some of the ways in which paper towels can be used:


1. They can help in general cleaning. Mirrors, surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens can be cleaned with paper towels.


2. They can be used to dust your furniture sets.


3. If you have a baby or several babies in your house, you can use these towels as baby wipes. You can make the wipes on your own by layering them in an old box. Pour a mixture of 1 cup hot water, cup of baby wash and cup of baby lotion on stacked towels. Your baby wipes are ready to use.


4. You can also use them to keep your cabinets and drawers scented. Spray 1-2 drops of your favorite perfume to a layer of paper tissue and keep it inside your cabinet.


5. To be on the safe side, you can keep paper towels inside your car to have immediate help when something gets accidentally spilled inside your car. They can also serve as efficient window cleaner of your car.


6. They can also serve to cover food items that are at a risk of getting splattered inside microwave.


7. They can be used as dividers for your precious china plates when you decide to store them away in your cabinet.


8. Greasy food items can be served with the help of paper tissues to soak up the excess oil.


    As we can see, paper tissues have multiple uses and can be very helpful in our households. However, there are several types of paper tissues available in the market. You should do an absorbency check before using it. You can easily do this with the help of a medicine dropper. Fill the dropper with water and drop one at a time onto a towel until it tears. Record the number of water drops that the towel could withstand. Repeat this experiment with a few different brands and soon you will get to know the one that is most absorbent.


    Paper towels are among the most common cleaning materials that are still being widely used today. Paper towels are different from cloth towels in such a way that absorbent paper is the main material from which paper towels are made. Another difference is that paper towels can only be used once and they are disposable. The uses of paper towels are varied which includes wiping, dusting, or cleaning up the spills at home or in the office. They can also be kept for personal use such as drying ones’ hands and face. Paper towels are used in home cleaning specifically in the kitchen. Because of being disposable, they prevent the spread of germs.


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