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Things You Did Not Know About Hand Paper Towels

  Paper hand towels have become a staple in businesses all over the world. In fact, many business owners buy them in bulk on a regular basis. Even though people use them to dry their hands as well as perform other kinds of chores, there are many different things that people usually do not know about paper towels and how they have become such an important part of everyone’s daily lives.

One of the most interesting facts surrounding its history and how the demand for them have grown can be found on numerous online sites. For instance, it is important to note that some of the best inventions in history have been born after many years of hard work, especially, by teams of creative professionals that set a specific goal or objective that they wanted to meet. Other inventions have become a part of the main stream simply by introducing a product to scores of people that had a need for it. The latter of the two is true for paper towels since the original ideal became an excellent product due to people wanting to protect the masses from germs spreading in various different places and surfaces. Therefore, the history of paper towels can easily be linked back to toilet paper industry during the year of 1907 since the Scott Paper Company was the leading brand that offer the products to consumers in Pennsylvania and other surrounding areas.

Not by chance but seemingly by providence, the Scott Brothers were faced with a dilemma that caused them to think out of the proverbial box. One in which that involved discarding an entire railroad car filled with toilet paper because of problems that were associated with its intended use. To prevent the company from having to incur such a large financial loss, Arthur Scott had an excellent ideal that resulted in the birth of paper towels being massed distributed. By mass producing these kinds of products, the brothers found an answer to an issue that involved children protecting themselves from colds and other communicable diseases. In fact, the birth of the overall ideal came from one teacher handing out toilet paper to all of her students so that they could wipe their hands, especially when colds, flu and other diseases were easy to spread. Which meant, instead of passing around a cloth towel that had loads of germs on it that could be spread from one child to another, the teacher chose to provide each child with their own pieces of toilet paper so that they could wipe their hands and then discard it.

Because Arthur Scott loved the teacher’s idea so much, he decided to use the toilet paper in the railroad car in a different manner. The decision that he made was to cut the toilet paper up into divisible pieces that could easily be distributed in these and other situations. Once complete, the paper hand towels that he designed were distributed to hotels, restaurants and other industries that could make good use of it.


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