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Never Use Paper Hand Towels Wipe Your Mouth

Never Use Paper Hand Towels Wipe Your Mouth

  We all know that keeping our hands clean is one of the simple yet very effective ways of protecting ourselves from harmful diseases and avoiding germs to be spread to others. Different types of bacteria from unwashed hands can easily get into the food that we consume through people that prepare them. Germs from unwashed hands can be passed on from one person to another through contact with dirty objects such as as handrails, toys, ATM machines, and other objects commonly found in our homes and public places. Germs can be transferred from simply shaking hands with another person and a lot of other countless ways of unconscious routine that poses you to vulnerability of infection from bacteria which in turn, may lead to diseases. Most common health culprits that come about from germs in dirty hands include stomach upset, diarrhea, lung infections, and even skin and eye irritations.

  Indeed, effective hand washing with soap and clean, running water can be our best defense to combat sickness and infections. After thoroughly washing your hands, are you also drying them thoroughly? Hand drying is an indispensable part of the hand-washing process so make sure that you don’t neglect it. This is because dry hands are less likely to cause the spread of germs over wet hands.

  A study about hygienic efficacy of various hand-drying methods was conducted by a group of researchers from Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia. The study evaluated different methods of hand drying to compare the efficacy of hot air dryers, cloth towels, and paper hand towels with the following considerations: speed of drying, level of dryness, effective removal of germs/bacteria, and prevention of cross-contamination. The study made a surprising revelation – paper hand towels proved to be the most effective compared to the use of cloth towels and even electronic air dryers. Because of this, from a hygienic point of view, it was suggested that disposable hand paper towels should be used in effectively drying the hands.

  If hand hygiene and health is important to you and your family, then good hand washing technique and the use of paper hand towels are highly recommended. Simply remember the following good hand washing technique and make it a routine.

1. Start by using running water to wet your hands.

2. Apply some soap into wet hands and rub them together to form a rich lather. Ensure that you are washing the front and back of your hands. This should include the often neglected areas in-between your fingers and nails. Continue washing for at least 20 seconds.

3. Finally, rinse your hands with clean running water and finish it off by thoroughly drying them with a clean paper towel.

So, the next time you want to dry your hands after washing, remember use paper towels instead of an air dryer or cloth towel. Paper hand towels are essential in our homes and even in public restrooms. Don’t use a paper hand towel to wipe your mouth or face with it as it should serve its purpose of drying your hands – not just conveniently and effectively but most of all, hygienically.


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