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Multifold Paper Towels

    Multifold Paper Towel is the most common and the most widely used paper towel. People can easily find it in public places such as airports, hotels, cinemas, schools, canteens, hospitals, etc. Since it’s folded in the shape of English letter N and M, we also call it N-fold or M-fold. In international trades, it’s usually called Multifold Paper Towel.

    We primarily provide multifold paper towels made of five materials:recycled white , recycled natural / brown , recycled blue,virgin, and TAD

    With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, more and more countries have started using recycled multifold paper towel for its numerous advantages. Recycled paper, a kind of body paper, takes waste paper in our daily lives such as old books and used A4 printing paper as raw materials. Those waste paper will go through a series of processing after being recycled, smashed, decolored, turned into virgin pulp and added wet strength agents.one ton of waste paper can be used to produce 0.8 tons of recycled paper, which may save 4m ³ of timber, thus protecting 17 trees. Therefore, exporting a container of recycled paper towels will indirectly protect nearly 300 trees, which is of immense significance for environmental protection.

    For Multifold Paper Towels the conventional sizes and packaging specifications are as below:


    9.05″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 250Pcs/Pack 16Packs/Carton


    9.05″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 334Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton


    9.25″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 250Pcs/Pack 16Packs/Carton 


    9.25″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 334Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton


    8.85″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 250Pcs/Pack 16Packs/Carton


    8.86″×9.05″/Piece    38-45gsm 334Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton


Air Multifold Paper Towels

     Traditional Multifold Paper Towels are manufactured by processing body paper produced with fourdriniers. Body paper produced with fourdriniers have high basis weights. Generally speaking, it features high thickness (usually 38-45gsm), high stiffness, strong tensile force and feels a little bit stiff since it can absorb adequate wet strength agents.

    To solve this problem, we developed “Air Multifold Paper Towels”, namely bonding two pieces of paper with vegetable protein glue. Since the basis weight of each layer of paper is 16 or 19gsm, the final basis weight is 32 or 38gsm. Such low-basis-weight paper are all manufactured by cylinder machines and used as tissue or toilet paper. In fact, our napkins are also using this kind of body paper which feels soft and shows low wet strength.

    Now the combination of two piece of paper overcomes low-basis-weight paper’s disadvantages such as low thickness, poor tensile force and vulnerability to damages. Air Multifold Paper Towels feature high absorbency, beautiful looks and soft feelings, which makes it suitable for use in high-end clubs and color-ultrasonic departments of hospitals.

    We have successfully developed and mastered the core technologies of Air Multifold Paper Towels, Air Express Napkins, Air Hardwound roll Paper Towels and Ultra Slim Paper Towels,Air Single Fold Towel Paper.

    Conventional sizes and packaging specifications of Air Multifold Paper Towels as below:


    9.05″×9.05″/Piece    16gsm 200Pcs/Pack 20Packs/Carton virgin white


    9.05″×9.05″/Piece    19gsm 200Pcs/Pack 20Packs/Carton virgin white


   Of course, you can inform me of other sizes you need through E-mails. I’ll reply you as soon as possible.