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Express paper napkins, virgin white,19gsm, 2Ply,6.5”×8.86”250Pcs

Product Details

Type:  express napkins

Material:  virgin

Color:  white

Ply:  2

gsm:  19

Sheet Size:  6.5"×8.86" 

Towels per pack:  250 (2 ply)

Packs per case:  24

Embossed pattern:   yes

Brand:  OEM

Model:  154686



    This is a virgin express paper napkins,Made from 100% selected virgin paper, it looks


clean, touches soft and feels comfortable. Apart from delicate textures and high hydros-


copicity, it is also environmentally-friendly, spice-free and unbreakable when it is wet.


Moreover, no bits of paper would be left after using. Pure and healthy to use without


any spices, virgin paper napkins is the senior commercial paper napkins suitable for


restaurants, canteens and home.

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