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  • What Do Paper Towels Do In Our Daily Life?

    Date: 2017-02-19  /  Author:  /  Category: Trade News  /  Views: 247 views  /  0 Comments

          A paper towel, as the name suggests, is a textile that is made from paper instead of cloth. They are absorbent and are meant for one-time use only.         Paper towels have similar uses as cloth towels, such as, wiping hands, dusting, and small household cleaning purposes.         Pap ...

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  • Never Use Paper Hand Towels Wipe Your Mouth

    Date: 2014-12-25  /  Author:  /  Category: Trade News  /  Views: 556 views  /  0 Comments

    Never Use Paper Hand Towels Wipe Your Mouth   We all know that keeping our hands clean is one of the simple yet very effective ways of protecting ourselves from harmful diseases and avoiding germs to be spread to others. Different types of bacteria from unwashed hands can easily get into the food ...

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  • Never Use Toilet Paper Wipe your Mouth

    Date: 2014-12-04  /  Author:  /  Category: Trade News  /  Views: 1,284 views  /  0 Comments

      More often than not many people tend to have toilet paper very close to them just in case a spill happens or one needs it while using the bathroom. Tissue is regarded a hygienic must have for many people who can’t stand handling dirt with their naked hands. One of the areas on the body that many a ...

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  • History and Timeline Of Toilet Paper

    Date: 2014-11-29  /  Author:  /  Category: Blog,Trade News  /  Views: 505 views  /  0 Comments

      Do you know when and who invented the toilet paper? Did you think that toilet paper were always a part of history, but never bothered to know the beginning of its existence? We all tend to take this small white roll of paper for granted, and there’s no doubt that imagining life without it is just ...

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  • Things You Did Not Know About Hand Paper Towels

    Date: 2014-11-17  /  Author:  /  Category: Trade News  /  Views: 657 views  /  0 Comments

      Paper hand towels have become a staple in businesses all over the world. In fact, many business owners buy them in bulk on a regular basis. Even though people use them to dry their hands as well as perform other kinds of chores, there are many different things that people usually do not know about ...

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