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C Fold Paper Towels

     In contrast to other paper towels, C fold Paper Towels is less popular. It’s called C-fold because its cross section is similar to English letter C after being folded.

     We provide three kinds of materials: recycled white, recycled natural/brown and virgin

     With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, most of the C-fold paper towels that circulate in the field of global trade are now produced with recycled white pulp in consideration of many advantages of recycled paper.

     What is recycled paper? Recycled paper is a kind of body paper that takes waste paper in our daily lives such as waste newspaper, old books and used A4 printing paper as raw materials. Those waste paper will go through a series of processing after being recycled, smashed, decolored, turned into virgin pulp and added wet strength agents. 1 ton of waste paper can be used to produce 0.8 tons of recycled paper, which may save 4m ³ of timber, thus protecting 17 trees. Therefore, exporting a container of recycled paper towels will indirectly protect nearly 330 trees, which is of immense significance for environmental protection.

    Conventional sizes and packaging of the C fold Paper Towels specifications as below:


    10″×11″/Piece      36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    10″×12″/Piece      36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    10″×13″/Piece      36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    8.86″×11″/Piece  36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    8.86″×12″/Piece  36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    8.86″×13″/Piece  36-40gsm 200Pcs/Pack 12Packs/Carton 


    Of course, you can inform me of other sizes you need through E-mails. I’ll reply you as soon as possible.


    Theoretically, an AIR series will be developed for each product, but considering the extremely low annual demand for C fold Paper Towels, we decided not to waste our personnel and energy on relevant R & D.